The Lonely Stoner

The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night He's all alone somethings will never change The lonely loner seems to free his mind at night - Kid Cudi, Day n' Nite I had never smoked weed the first time I heard that song. Nevertheless, I loved it and so much of what Cudi had... Continue Reading →

It’s getting better

Hand up. I haven't used this blog nearly as much as I thought I would when I started it last winter. Truthfully, I got a lot off my chest when I launched like 7 posts on the first day and I didn't want this to just be me making the same points over and over.... Continue Reading →

Enjoy the little things

I haven't written in this blog as often as I would have liked to when I started it. I wanted to make sure I wasn't forcing content in here; I just wanted to write original, genuine stuff about mental health, which only happens when the mood strikes. Sorry that hasn't happened as much, but good... Continue Reading →

More up front

When I published this blog a week ago for Bell Let's Talk day, I felt like it was just the natural progression of my journey to understand my own mental health, giving myself a platform to regularly discuss my thoughts and junk. I had a session with my therapist that evening after work and we... Continue Reading →

13 of my Mental Health Heroes

I just wanted to recognize some of the people who have inspired me during my battle with mental health. Apologies that most are sports-focused - I see and hear a lot more about those folks because of my job. Rose Namajunas, UFC champion After handing Joanna Jędrzejczyk her first career loss to claim the UFC... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the show

My name is Mitch Sanderson. I've been fighting depression and anxiety for a long time, and the thing that has helped most is sharing my thoughts and stories. Follow along, read, comment, message, share something yourself, and help end the stigma! I started by posting a couple things on Facebook about my struggles, then shared... Continue Reading →

Comfort in the dark place

Fighting depression and fighting through the day with depression have become two very different experiences in my mind, and the distinction is very important. When I first realized I had depression, I didn’t really know what it was because it was just normal to me. I had been walking around with undiagnosed depression and anxiety... Continue Reading →

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