You are not alone: a poem

You lay in your bed wishing the world would take a day off
The light that crawls in through the window is only enough to better see the darkness
The blanket feels a little bit heavier each time you slap the snooze button
Those plans from last night to be productive early must have been made by someone else
You wonder if you stay here long enough, will anyone notice?
You are not alone

You want to talk to a friend but without being a bother
You try to come up with something to start the conversation without just “HELP ME”
You think “it’s alway me who texts first”. Why?
Am I too boring? Do people forget about me when I’m not around?
You question if anyone gives a shit about you other than your mom
You are not alone

You see a confident person with an expensive haircut effortlessly flirt with a stranger
You overhear his overplayed joke and you’re surprised she actually laughed
You don’t know who this guy is, but you don’t like him
You question over and over – How? Why? What is happening? Why can’t I do that?
You are not alone

You realize you’ve been having problems with your mood
You do some research and discover you have symptoms of depression and anxiety
You ask for help
You start attending counseling sessions
You are not alone

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